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Last updated November 21, 2019

Wondering why you're here?

Like so many other events in life, you may have arrived here in error. If you don't know either Peter or Marian Harrison, or just want to pretend that you don't, then you are in the wrong place!

This is our latest in a series of Home pages and possibly the start of yet another never-to-be-completed project designed to pull all of our web bits and pieces together. Previous unfinished sites include Genealogy, photo Us in the '50salbums, travel notes, blogs and so on. Often, technological progress left many of these in the dark ages before they actually got published. This time, it's different - or so say our Good Intentions!

We are ex-Brits since emigrating to America in the 1970's and we currently live in Florida, USA. If you still aren't sure whether you are in the right place, this ancient snapshot of the eager idealists should do it.

That was then... This is now! Sixty years on, three daughters later and lots of fun along the way we are now retired and living a new chapter in our lives. Many things remain constant however; we first met each other in a cycling club in the mid-fifties and we still cycle today, albeit on more comfortable recumbent bikes. Vacations equaled camping then and that hasn't changed either although we have migrated from tent camping to motor-homes. Photography also has been an enduring thread, from home built enlargers and gallons of chemicals in the sixties to digital camera and computer processing today.

The girls have successfully gone their own ways and all three seem to be enjoPeter, summer 2006ying themselves. A Maz, summer 2006precious benefit in all of this has been the production of six enjoyable grandchildren augmented more recently by ten great grandchildren. Now that we're retired we sometimes wonder how we ever had time to work. Doing whatever we please whenever we please has been difficult to adjust to - it is difficult to dispel the feeling that we have to return to reality sooner or later - but it is fabulous to be able to focus on a project to the exclusion of everything else. We highly recommend it!

If you read down to here, then this site may be for you. The links to the left will (eventually) lead you to more pages of mind-numbing drivel - just the kind of stuff that you're into apparently!