Last updated November 17, 2019

New Year in Ascot

Patrick, Paula and lots more...

Patrick and Paula were our hosts for New Year celebrations. Fred and Sylv drove down from Ashby and Jeanine came down from Nottingham with her four boys. With us, as late additions, it was a full house.

Patrick and Paula were expecting their first child about six weeks into the new year and both seemed to be in great spirits. Lots of news updates, gossip and tall stories ensued while waiting for the New Year to arrive. Marian and I, party poopers that we are, retired about 10:00pm while the hardier folk stayed on and got the job done. On New Years Day, following breakfast, the visitors began to leave to take on another brand new year. Here a a few snaps of the revelers.

Story telling...

Our Host

Paula Preggers

Six weeks to go - fit as a fiddle!


Fred, overseeing kitchen activities


Nannying whenever required

Putting the world to rights

If you need an opinion...

Mother Earth

Prepared for all emergencies, capable mother

The Poser

Loves to see a camera

A little suspicious

Joshua, not too sure about all this

Cute, eh?

Aaron, a pause during breakfast

Great Aunt

Looking on with admiration

More mugging

...and again

Dynamic Duo

Brothers in everything

School Lane

Our resplendent venue


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