Last updated November 17, 2019

Fifty year flashback

Keith and Christine Oliver, Bill Pennycard and us

Using one of many "finder" websites it is possible to check Primary School, Secondary School, Scout Groups and places of employment for any contemporaries that might not yet have assumed room temperature. Thus it was that two occasional class mates from Askes Haberdashers Boys School, each with little or no recollection of the others, were located, contacted and invited to lunch.

Lunch was at Sophie's Choice, a delightful restaurant in Sidcup, Kent, and, as it happened, this choice of venue inadvertently solved any mutual recognition concerns as we ended up being the sole occupants for the entire lunch period. The five of us, Bill Pennycard, Keith Oliver, Keith's wife Christine, Marian and I all had an excellent lunch as we attempted to pick up threads after a fifty year hiatus. One thought that did strike me is how smart Sidcup girls must be. Both Christine and Marian hail from Sidcup and both had shown excellent judgment in picking worthy Askeans as partners - pretty impressive. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

As for the Old Askeans, the two hours or so that were spent reminiscing seem, in retrospect, to have raised more questions and additional topics than were resolved during lunch. All three had married and produced children, all three had reached retirement but, beyond that, they might as well have lived on different planets so different were their life courses. Perhaps, on subsequent visits to England, there will be additional opportunities to spend a little more time together and explore the impact, if any, that each believes their time at Askes had on their lives.


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