Last updated November 17, 2019

Burton on Trent, Staffordshire

Lots more relations...

Just before Christmas we arrived in Burton on Trent and visited with numerous relatives, some of whom we have seen in recent years, others we had not seen for fifty years or so and yet others whom we had never met. Overall an interesting time if a little nerve-wracking at times... The photoset that follows summarizes our journey.

Ernie Lewis

We have known Ernie for 45 years or so and used to bounce his girls Carol and Sue on our knees. After a thirty year break Ernie seemed to be just the same

Carol Roe, nee Lewis

Wow! What a difference a few years can make - from diapers to mother of two grown children

Sue ??, nee Lewis

Also now a mother

Micheal Roe

Carol's husband. Ernie had kindly organized for Carol, Sue and Micheal to visit while we were there which was a super surprise and a great people bonus!

Marian with youngest sister Jeanette

After leaving Ernie and Co., we turned up on Jeanette's doorstep and visited with her and Dave for a while.


Audrey Bradbury, nee Eyden

We hadn't seen Audrey for almost 50 years when she had visited Margate. No doubt that this was Audrey however!

Tom Bradbury

Audrey and Tom have been married for more than 30 years

Sylvia Markle, nee Eyden

Sylvia now lives in Burton after returning from the USA 30 something years ago

Lou Markle

Linda ??, nee Markle

One of Sylvia's five children

One of Linda's children

Another of Linda's children


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