Last updated November 17, 2019

Lindford, Borden, Hampshire

Pat and John Dillon

Having survived darkness, rush hour traffic and airport closing fog we finally arrived at the sanctuary of Pat and John's home in tiny Linford, center of the Hampshire outback. Here we spent a very pleasant and comfortable two days, the only downside being that it was altogether too short. Having not spent this much time together for 35 years or so, there was a lot of catching up to do - or at least get started on. Throughout our stay, the weather remained cold and foggy making it all the more enjoyable to simply stay indoors and visit. We did venture out to visit a series of Post Offices of escalating eminence, ending up at Farnham where we successfully got our UK driver license renewals underway. The licenses have subsequently been received and are squeaky clean as far as points and endorsements, mainly because we haven't driven on them for thirty years.

Part of the Post Office Tour included two delightful pubs - one for lunch and another for dinner. Here such refined British delicacies as Bangers and Mash, Steak and Ale Pie, Treacle Pudding and Guinness were available aplenty and were sampled with our usual unsophisticated gusto. Both Pat and John appeared to be in good health quietly enjoying their retirement. In a burst of energy and dedication some time back, Pat had collected together all of their photographs and painstakingly cataloged them all in numerous albums, mostly with place, event and date of the content. What a treasure trove! John promptly set up his scanner and we spent a few hours scanning the outcome of all of this hard work.

Our time in Lindford was very relaxing and our gracious hosts made us very welcome and cozy. It was certainly a wrench to leave and re-enter the turmoil of a fog-bound and freezing M4 toward our next port of call in Somerset. Let me make a note, good food, excellent board, lots of reminiscing and tall tales - definitely on our list for the next UK tour.


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