Last updated November 17, 2019

The Walton's in Leeds

Edna, Billy and Jude

From the meeting with the "new" Tivey relations near Manchester, we drove the 60 miles or so to Headingley in Leeds in the now expected rain, patchy fog and fast fading light. Our destination was Astura Court where Aunt Edna - Wagner not Roulstone - lives. We last saw Edna 2-1/4 years previously when she was still living in Brixham, Devonshire. She moved to Leeds at the beginning of 2006 and appears to be very comfortable as well as being close to her family. Billy, Edna's only son, was visiting with Edna when we arrived and Jude, Billy's oldest arrived simultaneously with us. We had not seen Billy for more than fifty years and had never met Jude, or any of Billy's other children or grandchildren.

Billy works with unemployed handicapped people and assists them in finding ,gaining and retaining employment. Jude is an elementary school teacher as is his wife. Jude and his wife had their first baby early in 2006 making Edna a great grandmother!

Edna provided yet more details clarifying areas of the family connections and we understand that Jude is likely to be the genealogy torchbearer for the Waltons. We will get busy with him to fill in the missing links of our Walton information.


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