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Royal Tunbridge Wells, December 18th

Cousin Christina, (Tina) and John

Tina is a first cousin not removed to Marian - i.e. as basic a cousin as can be. Genealogically, she is the daughter of Marian's mother's brother, Joseph Tivey, who died in World War II and as such, they have a common grandfather. So much for technicalities.

Tunbridge Wells is but a short hop from Burgess Hill and is alleged to be a beautiful drive but, plowing through the thick morning mist, we had to take that on faith and didn't see much more than the white lines on the road. As usual, however, the Tom Tom GPS system led us unerringly to Tina's front door although finding somewhere to park promptly led us half a mile away again. At least one gets plenty of exercise driving everywhere.

We had met Tina and John one time previously in about 1992 when we were living in California. At the time, they were attending a convention in Pasadena and, during a lull in proceedings, drove up the coast to Arroyo Grande and relaxed for a day or two. Amazingly, they appeared to have weathered the intervening fourteen years without looking any different. Tina and John have two sons, Philip and Jonathan. Philip lived in Atlanta, Georgia for some while but has recently moved back to the Tunbridge Wells area. John works locally. A couple of hours of story swapping, several cups of tea and some genealogy updates we all trooped off to lunch.

Lunch was at a pub, difficult to believe I know - but that's just the kind of unexpected thing we might do from time to time. The Hare is a traditional and fairly typical "recent" pub in mock Tudor style. Like most of it's kind, it has had to adapt quite radically over the last decade or two to reinvent itself as a restaurant that sells beer rather than it's former life as a primary drinking establishment. Tina had called Jonathan who fortunately was able to  make the time to collect his son Jonathan (known as Jack) and join us for lunch. Following a leisurely lunch we all bid each other Goodbye and went our different ways, we to drive to Hampshire in the steadily worsening fog. Hopefully, next time through Tunbridge Wells we will catch the elusive Philip in town and catch up with his news.


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