Last updated November 17, 2019

New relations found in Warrington!

Michael and Jan Tivey et al

This was an exciting visit since we were to meet a bunch of relatives and families none of whom we had ever met previously. Marian had happened across Michael Tivey on the Internet and they quickly determined that they are second cousins once removed; so it was that another limb was added to the respective family trees. Michael's mother, Glenys was the host for the meeting and the date was chosen because another second cousin of Marian hitherto unknown to us, was visiting with Glenys. Confusing, isn't it?

Michael's wife, Jan, along with their two children Hannah and Christopher were also present. Hannah and Christopher are fourth cousins to Matt, Amber, Ben, Emily, Carly and Caitie and are closest in age to Ben and Emily. Michael and Jan are both accomplished genealogists - for instance, my efforts have tied in less than 400 people while they have over 3,200 people and more than 900 marriages! Jan has been extremely helpful in extending numerous branches of our tree which we had stalled out on. Kudos to these guys and their methodical and thorough documentation. In the coming months we will be adding many missing links to our family tree and will publish the results on our website.

Nadine, the adopted daughter of John Tivey (deceased) and Glenys joined us during the visit along with (I believe I have the names right but am confused about some of the relationships) Tom Senior and Tom Junior. Much note taking, email address swapping and general discussion ensued as various relationships were clarified and other cross contacts were arranged. Glenys provided an awesome lunch (including miniature Pork Pies :-)) and we eventually left after reaching information overload.  Following are some snapshots of all involved.

Glenys Tivey nee Birchall

Our gracious host, mother of Michael, wife of John Tivey (deceased)


Adopted daughter of John and Glenys

Michael Tivey

Son of John and Glynis, husband of Jan

Jan Tivey nee Wilde

Mother of Hannah and Christopher, genealogist extraordinairre

Hannah Tivey

4th cousin to our grandchildren

Christopher Tivey

Hannah's brother

Margaret Pinks nee Tivey

Sister of John Tivey, sister-in-law of Glenys


Associated with Nadine - relationship not known

Son of Tom?

Relationships unclear

Along with a disk stuffed with data and pictures that Michael gave to us, this was pretty overwhelming and will take some time to digest, file and publish. But, have no fear, it is being done!

Subsequent to this meeting, Margaret and Tunbridge Wells Christina, second cousins previously unknown to each other, have contacted each other several times and swapped stories. We are hoping to spend more time with many of these individuals on a subsequent visit to the UK.


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