Last updated November 17, 2019

Christmas and New Year in the UK

Driven by the need to acquire replacement UK driver licenses for use in Europe and spurred on by a desire to escape the seemingly endless procession of contractors at home, Christmas in England sounded like a great idea. Armed with an itinerary of people and places to visit we set off on December 14th and, over the next three weeks, fairly much accomplished all objectives and had a great time to boot!  Click on the thumbnail to see an overview of the route around England.

To put things in perspective, the route shown is around 1400 miles but, with side trips and other mini-excursions, we traveled a little over 1700 miles. So, if you took the route shown, stretched it out and added a couple of hundred miles, it would just about reach from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Flagstaff, Arizona. With gas (petrol) running at $6.70 to $7.00 per US gallon it was a good thing that the car, seen here on it's lunch break in Southend, was economical. Even so, fuel costs per mile for this midget-mobile were close to those for Black Bess in the USA. Maybe that's why they keep England so small.

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