Last updated September 26, 2011

Manatees, alligators and other homely things...

A feature packed State Park and a close encounter with a mermaid

Some snapshots of various attractions of the park plus views from the now almost non-existent city of Bayport on the Gulf of Mexico. If you're ever in the Homosassa area, do give this park a look - it is very friendly, well run and provides good value for money. You can also buy ice cream there[photogallery/photo00008308/real.htm]

And the mermaids?

It turns out that the grandly named Weeki Wachee has a population of 12 people with just five households and its sole claim to fame is the fast failing Mermaid show. They have 12 tawdry mermaids and two princes (mermen??) who swim around in an aquarium performing unspeakable feats. The enterprise is currently locked in battle with an environmental agency and may become just a memory in the not too distant future. I don't even know that they are real mermaids!

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